Ian Stockley  updated  18-6-2019

Breguet Clock 1881


I phoned an expert dealer to get an idea of the value of this beautiful clock. As a result, I am now the proud owner of a very large and heavy safe, that the clock spent most of its time in.

From the very start, this clock was a challenge. It’s striking worked well when the repeat was used (button on top of case) but it was not working every time the hands passed the striking positions (every 15 minutes)

The first thing was to remove the case. Fault finding is much easer when you can see. I traced the fault to a damaged part, so I made a new one and fitted it. I then stripped, cleaned and oiled the clock and put it back together. I spent a further 5 days finding and repairing all the small faults on the strike mechanism until it all  worked beautifully; timekeeping, hour striking, minute striking and the alarm.

Testing is a challenge. A close eye needs to be kept on it as it’s up to something every 15 minutes.

 Now I’m looking forward to my next encounter with this clock in the fullness of time.