Ian Stockley  updated  18-6-2019

This is the result of a loop of string tied to the key. As the clock was wound, the string caught on the hand and ripped the pin out of the end of the shaft! Broken shaft I cut out and soldered in a new piece of brass shaped to fit. This is a wheel  repair. the first tooth on the right is a steel pin! Not a good repair. At this point, a new wheel can be made but won’t be original. Broken wheel Stage 1 wheel When I repair an old clock, I always try to use the old  methods because in most cases the old ways are still the best. I will always try to retain the old  part but new parts can be made if required. Finished shaft finished wheel The new teeth where then cut by hand and shaped to the right dimensions. A  long job, but the clock is now back in good order and it’s still original with a small repair.